Road Traffic Lawyers Inverness

The detection of driving offences in Inverness and surrounding areas is on the increase. In the last year thousands of motorists in the Inverness, Tain, Dingwall, Fort William and Inverness-shire generally were accused of inter alia speeding on the A9; dangerous driving; careless driving; failing to report an accident; failing to provide the details of the driver; and using their mobile phones whilst driving. A driver who receives a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) or a Fixed Penalty (a.k.a. a speeding ticket) should contact the Road Traffic Lawyer Inverness for free legal advice. The Road Traffic Lawyer is the original Firm of Road Traffic Lawyers in Scotland and boast over 40 years experience combined.

Motoring Offence Solicitors Inverness and Road Traffic Expert Solicitors Inverness

The Road Traffic Lawyer's Inverness office is located at Kintail House, Inverness close to Inverness Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Court. We are regularly contacted by drivers who fall foul of road traffic regulations on the A9, A82, A96, and A832. As expert driving offence solicitors based in Inverness, the Road Traffic Lawyer has been appearing for over a decade at Inverness Sheriff and Justice of the Peace Court to defend drivers accused of all manner of road traffic infractions. We boast a formidable reputation - earned over many years - for securing not guilty verdicts in the very difficult cases. We have an unsurpassed record in defending allegations of dangerous driving in Inverness and speeding offences in Inverness.


The Road Traffic Lawyer Inverness offers experience and expertise in defending speeding allegations in Inverness. If a driver has been clocked at a particularly high speed (depending on how high you may well be prosecuted for a contravention of section 2 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 a.k.a. dangerous driving) and/or has at least six points on their driving licence then the speeding allegation is likely to be reported directly to the Procurator Fiscal's Office in Inverness. If the matter has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal's Office the charge may pose a threat to your driving entitlement either through the totting-up provisions (if you had at least 6 points on the date of the present offence) or via discretionary disqualification. We have unparalleled experience in defending speeding allegations in Inverness and offer expert legal advice with a free consultation.

Totting-Up Ban Exceptional Hardship

In Inverness, the intervention of the Road Traffic Lawyer Inverness can often make the difference whether or not you drive away from the Court. To successfully argue that the loss of your driving entitlement would result in Exceptional Hardship the Court must be persuaded (by admissible evidence) that the loss of your driving licence would cause exceptional hardship to yourself or others who rely upon your licence. Mere inconvenience will not suffice. Preparation is the key to the success or failure of an Exceptional Hardship Proof. As the expert Road Traffic Lawyers in Inverness, we have successfully presented many Exceptional Hardship Proofs and saved numerous licences. Our dedicated team of road traffic experts are on-hand to offer advice in respect of totting-up and exceptional hardship in Inverness, Tain, Dingwall, Fort William and Inverness-shire generally.